David Coblitz


Saint Louis, MO


Artists Statement: As a photographic artist, Mr. Coblitz’ focus is on making images in fresh & innovative ways. One of his goals is to prevent a reaction from viewers such as, “I’ve got a camera; I could do that.” This reaction is rare with his photos. An example of this is his photographic sculpture, which is 3D sculpture with a photograph conformed to the surface. His current work also involves printing direct on di-bond aluminum. This creates an extremely durable image that requires no reflection inducing glass in front of it for protection, hence yielding a much more intimate involvement of the viewer with the image. You can literally feel the texture in the photograph without damaging it. He also has created caricatures made photographically, and photos that change content or appearance as you approach or move around them.
Current representation:
o R-Space Gallery, St. Louis, MO
o Creative Art & Framing, St. Louis, MO
o Art-Biz Gallery – Winchester, MO
o Arch Framing – Maplewood, MO
o Schon - Clayton, MO
o Off-Arsenal Gallery, Benton Park, MO
o Saachi Gallery On line (England)
o ArtMajeur Gallery On line (France)
o His CD cover photo for Crepes in the City won 1st place in the advertising division at Studio Altius’ SEEN 2007 photography exhibit.
o In 2007, he had 2 photos exhibited at UMSL’s Gallery 210 as finalists in the Irving Schankman Memorial contest for the best photos taken of St. Louis during the last 50 years.
o Mr. Coblitz won both 2nd place and an Honorable Mention in the “Visions of Judaism” contest sponsored by the St. Louis Jewish Light newspaper.
o Muriel Braeutigam Memorial Prize – St. Louis Artists’ Guild Portrait exhibition
o Mr. Coblitz’ photograph of a Chihuly glass exhibit at Missouri Botanical Gardens was a finalist in the Betterphoto contest in May 2006 (top 800 of 26,000 entries).
o He has had his photos accepted in a number of PSA sanctioned international competitions.
Fine art collectors:
o Carol Shapiro – Art Appreciation Instructor ( 5 pieces )
o Bruce Feldacker – Labor art collector. All work gifted to the Merchantile Museum, UMSL.
o Barb Beier – Artist / collector
o Kate Ewing – Marketing specialist
o Don Occhi – Architect, Board member – St. Louis Artists’ Guild ( 3 pieces )
o Curt Parker – Jeweler/Photographer ( 2 pieces )
o Joyce Trotter - Photographer
Past customers:
o New York Times - on line edition
o Mutual of Omaha - Lobby Art
o Missouri Women in Trade – Calendar
o Tarlton Corporation – photo for proposals
o Cutco – Advertising photographs of cutlery
o Fahr Greenhouse – Portraits & Poinsettia Festival Event photography
o Youth in Need – Fundraising event photography
o Liberty Mutual – Business portraits
o Edward Jones – Business portraits
o Midwest Mortgage Capital – Business Portraits
o Pulaski Bank – Business Portraits
o CRB Builders - 86 Business Portraits
o Marcia Moore Interior Design – Architectural Photography
o RGA - Photo shoot for Security Dept world wide campaign
Organizational memberships:
o past Professional Photographers Association of Greater St. Louis
o St. Louis Artists’ Guild - past 1st Vice President, past Chairman of the Photography section
o St. Louis Camera Club - past newsletter editor
o past ArtDimensions
Past exhibitions:
o 2012 Ober-Anderson Gallery - Kirkwood, MO
o 2012 St. Louis Artists' Guild - Collectors Choice - Clayton, MO
o 2011 Creative Art & Framing - ongoing - Lindenwood, MO
o 2011 St. Louis Artists' Guild 911 fundraiser - Clayton, MO
o 2010 Art Trends Gallery - Chesterfield, MO
o 2009 Annual Exposition of Groupe International des Artistes du Lyonnais, in Villeurbanne, France
o 2009 Brentwood Gallery – Brentwood, MO
o various years St. Louis Artists’ Guild – Clayton, MO
o 2008 Crepes in the City/Art in the City – one man show – St. Louis, MO
o 2008 Crepes in the City/Art in the City – Group show – St. Louis, MO
o 2008 Taste of St. Louis – Art Wars – St. Louis, MO
o 2007 Studio Altius – SEEN 2007, Maplewood, MO
o 2007 University of Missouri Gallery 210 Schankman Memorial Exhibition – St. Louis, MO
o 2006 Temple Neve Shalom Gallery – Creve Coeur, MO
o 2006 Stage Left – One man show – O’Fallon, MO

EDUCATION: Continuing Education, University of Carol – Art Appreciation/History
Continuing Education Various - courses in Image Processing, Photography, & Photoshop
M.S. Optical Engineering, Univ. of Rochester, 1973
B.S. Physics, Case Inst. of Technology, 1971
Registered Patent Agent, 1976
2006- Present - Founder of Coblitz Creative Concepts, LLC providing photographic products & services including fine art, portraits, virtual tours, commercial, and event photography.
1989-2006 – The Boeing Company – Core Competency Lead for Visual Systems
1983-1989 – DCS Corporation – Branch Manager for Engineering Consulting
1973-1983 – McDonnell Douglas Corp – Advertising Holographer & Staff Engineer Visual Simulation


Three Sisters Reversed by David Coblitz


Three Sisters by David Coblitz


Three Tullips flipped horizontally by David Coblitz


Three tullips by David Coblitz


St. Augustine Lighthouse sunset by David Coblitz


Cloud Abstracts-4880 by David Coblitz


Cloud Abstracts-4879 by David Coblitz


Cloud Abstracts-4878 by David Coblitz


Circular Rainbow-Large by David Coblitz


Window treatment detail by David Coblitz


Family room interior by David Coblitz


Window treatment detail by David Coblitz


Interior Family Room by David Coblitz


St. Louis At Home magazine photo by David Coblitz


Wine-Logic wine rack by David Coblitz


Concrete forming tool product photo by David Coblitz


IRS dragon slayer by David Coblitz


CPA quote by David Coblitz


Chain of Rocks water tower lines by David Coblitz


Pompeii view with mosaic by David Coblitz


Rays of Hope by David Coblitz


Balloon Glow by Forest Park Lagoon by David Coblitz


Cosmos Tour bus at Asisi Italy by David Coblitz


Gondolas at Night by David Coblitz


Hooded Orchid Man by David Coblitz


Orchid Companions by David Coblitz


Eads Bridge 2 by David Coblitz


St. Louis City Garden Night - Sepia by David Coblitz


Orchid Abstract-5 by David Coblitz


Orchid Abstract-4 by David Coblitz


Orchid Abstract-3 by David Coblitz


Orchid Abstract-2 by David Coblitz


Orchid Abstract-1 by David Coblitz


Orchid Details by David Coblitz


Orchid colors by David Coblitz


Brilliant Bromiliad by David Coblitz


Orchid pair by David Coblitz


Orchid Family by David Coblitz


Bird Kind of by David Coblitz


Foreboding sunset by David Coblitz


Sunset sunbeams by David Coblitz


Sunbeams cartooned iPad by David Coblitz


Sunbeams fm iPad by David Coblitz


Venice Canal by David Coblitz


Coliseum in Rome - Panorama by David Coblitz


Capri abstract by David Coblitz


Ponte Vecchio Florence Italy by David Coblitz


Ponte Vecchio in Florence Italy by David Coblitz